The nag Offsite brochure is available to order where the installation shots demonstrate the philosophy of aesthetics of the project.

The installing of art is based on knowledge and experience with the added ingredient of what is known as a ' good eye '. What that means is knowing the best position for a work of art in relation to its surroundings and the objects that are in its proximity. To make a domestic setting work with art, the space should be treated with the same reverence as the gallery space. The balance of a room is not just philosophical in the sense of some Eastern ideas. When it does not work, it feels wrong, not only to the eye but to the sense of being in that room. Obviously this is of greater importance to some and of no relevance to others, but to those who live with art these considerations are as important as the works themselves. The space around the art work is of equal importance.
No matter what the art works are in themselves, they can be made to work in that area with a good eye. Details such as framing are subjective to taste which again is based on knowledge and experience. A traditional work in an ornate frame can equally work in a modernist space as an abstract work can sit comfortably in a Georgian environment. Placing art work, and indeed any object, in the domestic or commercial space is of vital importance to the well being of the room and therefore to the persons experiencing it.