On Wednesday May 21 2014 Helen Kilmartin, the director of Dublin based Minima launched the London studio showroom in Pimlico, London. nag Gallery was invited to install art works from the gallery artists featuring the work of Kohei Nakata, Pertiwi, Roseanne Lynch and Gareth Jenkins. The space was photographed by the London photographer Luke Kelly and the event was attended by Minima clients and supporters from both Dublin and London. Due to an informal talk on the art works given by the curator Mark St.John Ellis to one of the design suppliers of Minima from Promemoria London, he was invited to attend the Pimlico Road Design District on June 25. Prompted by nag Gallery advisor, Audrey Brennan, it was decided to organize another occasion in Minima London where nag would curate the space. The date was to coincide with Frieze Week which is one of the highlights of the art world calendar.  The decadent drawings of Kieran Moore were installed in the bedroom, the works of Kohei Nakata and Roseanne Lynch were re -hung, Gareth Jenkins had new work which was installed throughout the space and additional works by Jane Proctor, Roseanne Lynch and Eoin O'Connor were included. The cha wan bowls of Masashi Suzuki were displayed. Video installations by Brendan Fox, Lauralee Guiney and invited guest, Niamh Davis were projected in the exterior well and ceiling of the main interior.  A video was edited to celebrate the second anniversary of the gallery set to the 1979 Cabaret Voltaire track NAG NAG NAG and played on a monitor.
The event was extremely well attended by guests who had traveled from Dublin, London and Berlin and was filmed by Brendan Fox and Lauralee Guiney.  Installation shots where photographed by Renato Ghiazza.