In this, the seventh of the series and third online presentation pairing Japanese objects with contemporary art, nagGallery artists Helena  Gorey and Masashi Suzuki share an intimate domestic setting which has been used  to bring the sensibilities of the art object into a non gallery environment, demonstrating the subtleties of Shibui. As discussed in previous writings those subtleties are quiet and unassuming and heightened by the aesthetic of these two artists. 

The paintings of Helena Gorey in this example of her 'Horizon' series, are an abstracted bisected horizontal  line of a possible, potential seascape, or landscape and does with watercolour what Hiroshi Sugimoto did with the camera. Even the works that do not have this horizon visually conjure some natural element reminiscent of Turner. The deliberate mention of these two references from different centuries describes how Helena's watercolours transcend fashion and quietly remind us of the ever present atmosphere and power of nature. This is equally seen in the chawan ( tea bowls ) of Masashi Suzuki through his use of glazes and  brush stroke. The mark made with a brush in its simple form is an aspect of Zen philosophy where the repetition and concentration are as important as the final mark. It is this simplicity and humility which helps create beauty in the work of these two artists.