Structures and Forms. Chaos and the Void. The Empty Vessel.

June 21 – September 8

Gareth Jenkins 

A selection of donated works to the State by the International Academy of Ceramics 2014 Assembly

The hard edged lines and colour in the paintings of Gareth Jenkins conjure structural layouts. The process to arrive at the image of his paintings reference structure and form. When viewed as a painting and not as a flat surface, the observer can see the movement of paint below and on the birch plywood.

These wall based abstract paintings work in a complimentary dialogue with the State collection of donated ceramics, selected by the curator Mark St.John Ellis, from the International Academy of Ceramics 2014 Assembly in Dublin Castle. The pieces have been chosen to exhibit the structures and forms that fell into the categories of organic and chaotic. It is common to  associate the medium of ceramic with the vessel. This is an interesting object as when the vessel is filled it is seen as functional and when empty as a sculptural form.