This is the third and final part of the recording project N-A-G that came out of the previous project Elijah's Mantle and began in 2010 after the release of the Elijah's Mantle retrospective 'Observations of an Atheist' which was launched in nag Gallery as the first sound and video installation. The original source of the material for this N-A-G recording project came from 1988 analogue recordings of a previous project.  This period demonstrated a raw industrial sound with pre digital equipment such as the Doctor Rhythm drum machine which was synched to the programmed sequencer, the Roland SH101, and was recorded in a London studio off Googe Street.  The electronic sounds are retrospective and have a quality that conjures an era of the post punk alternative with the addition of live metal percussion and the guitar effects of Adam Miller.   These sources were taken from tape and through a process of digital editing, sampling and looping, the pieces were re-structured into a contemporary sound where additional instrumental and live metal percussion were incorporated. This final version is a complete remix and uses a collection of samples and sections which encapsulates the recording career of Mark St.John Ellis from the 1980's. Track b2 uses a sequence by Mark Dean who Mark St.John Ellis worked with in his first music project circa 1984 after leaving LAMDA. By re editing with the grooves and references that began with analogue recording it ends with cut and paste digital technology of 2017.  Mark St.John Ellis has been recording projects in J.A.M Studios in Kells Ireland since 1997 and without the technical expertise of Martin Quinn as co producer and creative technician the projects of N-A-G would not have been possible. De Nova Da Capo is financing the original cd version to introduce the product to vinyl labels based in Berlin and Tokyo. This cd has been completely remixed from the previously two N-A-G releases to a vinyl timing of two sides. It has a previously unreleased additional track on what would be side b and with a hidden track on the first print run limited edition of 50 which is the only cover version Mark St.John Ellis has ever done in his recording career; the 1979 Nag Nag Nag by Cabaret Voltaire. 

The N-A-G videos have been edited under the direction of M St.J E by Michael O'Reilly of Mint creative web solutions.  The album artwork was conceived by nag Design and designed by Liam Furlong of space creative.