The harmony of the relationship of the nomadic tribes to their surroundings is palpable to me in the works John has displayed. To be in their presence is an energetic hug. I’m immediately comforted and in awe. In response I seek to simply express gratitude for the opportunity of transformation that this amazing planet we inhabit offers.
Likewise I use natural materials; sheep hair/fleece which is hand spun into threads, felted to cloth or tinted with plant dyes. Trees too play a part; in one instance a twig is supported by rubber and together have great strength despite it’s fragile appearance. Twigs that show a split into two directions express there is always choice while the sacred number 108 is represented by tinted fleece in two bundles of 54 side by side, surrendering to the power in everything. Thank you to John and Mark for the honour of the invite to be a part of this response, we all are.