nag stairwell and galleries sponsored with the paints of Farrow and Ball.

A fleeting moment or ghost like presence describes an image that is barely seen.  It is something veiled or viewed behind a mist.  It is there, but demands the eye to work harder than usual and to spend more time in trying to understand what is meant to be there and how it is there.  The grace in its presence is that it appears effortless, and the labour that went into creating this image or object is never observed.  Process is not just a term to describe the making of a work of art, it is the journey towards its completion. 

 The paintings of Kohei Nakata are created by a process of repeated layering using a fast drying medium of acrylic mixed with pva.  Some works are the layering of two or three different colours where the final result appears to have arrived at a single colour where the underlying ones give the impression of appearance.  Other works that concern line or light have pastel, graphite or coloured pencil that lie behind the acrylic pva surface.  The gauze paintings continue the theme of layering with each gauze painted a different colour and placed on top of one another which produces the same effect as the water marks of silk.  The viewer has to engage physically by moving from left to right of the piece to see how the work shifts and changes with a different perspective and altering light.