This exhibition of the new chawan and raku by Masashi Suzuki is connected to the installation in Gallery 2 of the functional object placed in an art environment to demonstrate a visual dialogue with the non functional fine art and in the end asking the viewer if there is any difference.

Chawan are made for the traditional Tea Ceremony. They are functional as a vessel but the process of creating them is not mass produced. They are unique objects and to get to the one the potter is satisfied with, many are destroyed. The chawan therefore have the same qualities in execution, concept and context as the non functional fine art.

The wall piece by Pertiwi is made with layers of fragile polymer clay. It is a well made object of beauty that could be visually read as abstract, or as design concept at its best, or as a spiritual composition where the materials have a symbolic meaning. The black line drawings of Jane Proctor are executed with either a dip or fountain pen. The one instrument more demanding than the other. The lines run parallel to each other and are drawn free hand with no external guidance. Her work is process driven and similar to most repetitive actions takes on meditative qualities associated with, for example, Buddhist chanting.