Hand turned wooden bowl - Friedemann Buehler
Drawing – Ian Charlesworth
Moonjars – Geoffrey Healy
Painting – Gareth Jenkins
Photography – Roseanne Lynch
Painting – Kohei Nakata
Stem Bowls - Anthony O Brien
Sculptural works - Pertiwi
Drawing – Jane Proctor Hand turned wooden lacquered bowl - Akihiko Sugita
Sculpture – Katharine West

Shibui as a gallery project was conceived in 2014 by placing the cha wan of Masashi Suzuki with wall based contemporary art practice of other nag artists. This is the third in the series and the idea has several purposes.  In Japan all art and the philosophy of aesthetics is linked to the way of life.  In the West there is a divided appreciation of the art object, based on its functional or non functional aspect.  The cha wan, Moonjars and other bowls exhibited along with the work on the walls in nag, are a way of traversing the gap that seems prevalent in viewing contemporary art, and the art of the bowl and jar.  This exhibition continues the series of disciplines demonstrated by the nag artists and will be a permanent part of the annual programme. Collectors will have a longer opportunity to view and purchase the work and consequently the exhibition will be in a constant state of change.