Sound and Visual Installation by Keith Lindsay

1. AbstractionSineMoon - 8mins 34sec

2. AbstractionSineWave - 9mins 34sec

The two video presentations by Keith Lindsay are a reactive result to the frequencies within the sound works created. The video processing and sound were created in parallel. One influencing the other in a cyclical loop.

The visual subject matter in Gallery One is of tidal flows and in Gallery Two the full moon. Fractals and distortions are created in the video pieces by shifting amplitudes creating patterns similar to that of breaking waves and cloud formations. The colour temperature of the video is influenced by the intervals of frequencies and drifting white noise colours.

 Keith Lindsay is a Dublin based sound Artist who works with a wide range of media which include music, sound, projection, film, sculpture, and electronics. In October 2014 Keith created a solo exhibition “Soundscapes” at the Pallas Project Studios in Dublin. He is a member of the experimental arts collective “The Water Project”, which he has performed with in Paris, London, Kiev, Cork and Dublin. His work as as a sound designer has been featured in TV documentaries, feature films, short films and interactive media.