< > = Less Greater Equal picks the scab of psychological repression, loss and the idiosyncratic nature of sexual identity while uncovering deep political undercurrents. Through an unapologetic intimate lens this work evaluates the personal repercussions of growing and existing in a sociopolitical landscape where one is perceived as lesser. < > = Less Greater Equal is a work documenting four distinct performances by Brendan Fox.

This engaging and personal work by Brendan Fox is demonstrated in the two gallery spaces with photographic stills and a thirteen minute film piece.  In Gallery one the viewer is presented with four photographs originally shot in high definition that are disguised by their appearance as distressed posters deliberately torn and seemingly worn at the edges. The naked subject hides his face away from camera and is either coiled in a submissive posture or perhaps climbing out of the frame away from our gaze. The male subject challenges our observation with the provocative statement or sad request, ' Fuck Me ', crudely painted on his back. Given the coarse presentation both in subject and execution it has a naivety that is generally associated with youth. The two works together are a deliberate demonstration of duality as the film in Gallery two has the opposite qualities. It is essentially a narrative of anger at social ignorance and worse, a failure on the part of a government to legislate an equality to a section of society.  Apart from the obvious painting of a statement as graffiti, this is tenderly and savagely portrayed by the artist who physically and emotionally performs without compromise.  It is not inappropriate that part of the four performances on this black and white film is a heart rending interpretation of Hamlet soliloquy's spoken more in desperation than as poetic communication.