" The rain falling on the studio roof, the birds singing in the garden, the moon shining behind the trees. These constant sounds and moments impress me. They are simple and complex at the same time. "

The sounds and sights of nature seen and heard from the artist studio, influence the intimacy and modesty of these drawings. The line is economic but repeated with a small brush dipped in ink upon hand made Japanese Kozu Shi paper. Each drawing takes approximately fourty hours to complete. They require patience and a disciplined technique.  They are quiet and as a series each has a subtle change that shifts the composition dramatically.  They are different but the same.

Red is the colour used in Buddhist temples. Red was used for the internal colour of Anish Kapoors' dome ' At the Edge of the World '. Red is symbolic of protection and of warning. Red can be warm and soothes and hot and aggressive.  It is sensual and active.  It is intimate.