The practice of Gareth Jenkins is informed by chance discoveries in daily routine and environment.  As a painter of hard edge line his practice relies on precise measurement and procedure to convey and engage with the traditions of abstraction and minimalism. 

In recent work he has used found objects and video/media to create three-dimensional objects that negotiate the concept of painting and colour theory, which relate to the traditional format of painting found in his current practice. The architectonic and geometrical nature of the work references the qualities of the built environment and infrastructure, which he travels through everyday. 

As important as the painting is the making of the plywood grounds, which are meticulously cut, layered, shaped and sanded to create a smooth surface to begin priming and then painting.

Using acrylic the paintings are slowly built up over weeks, layered methodically with the constant reference to colour theory, space and form. On closer inspection of the work the human touch reveals itself through the decisions and indecisions that ultimately come with the challenges of painting.