Habitus, a concept associated with French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, refers to the variety of enduring orientations: acquired schemes of perception, thought and actions, that people simply pick-up in being socialised into cultural life. It emphasises the close match-‘homology’- between the dynamics of the external world and the embodied internal dispositions of individuals; what Bourdieu calls an ‘internalization of externality’.

This new video work is a performative shedding of a constraining layer of experience, a metamorphosis. The alchemy of change is the focus in this body of work where the very process of change is scrutinised. Skin becomes the liminal surface where objective and subjective forces vie in the construction of individuality; where the precipitation of identity is manifest. It is an acknowledgement of classical statuary.

The video piece is accompanied by a sound installation which if allowed to do so would run for the duration of twenty four hours.  As in all gallery experiences the viewer is invited to experience the video piece in conjunction with the sound for as long as their attention is held.