‘D’sortir d’sa réserve hautaine le capitaine’

-‘to snap out of his haughty reserve the captain’

The title is a line taken from the Serge Gainsbourg-penned Banana Boat, which was performed by Jane Birkin on her 1973 album Di Doo Dah. Birkin, with her flat chest and boyish figure, was Gainsbourg’s muse and inspired some of his finest moments, including the legendary Histoire de Melody Nelson. The languid, lush European opulence of this soundscape as well as Gainsbourg’s casting of his muse in the role of androgyne in part inspires these pieces.

The French title also reflects Kieran's interest in 19th century French art, in particular the work of Ingres, with his serpentine lines and indulgent eroticism. This is blurred with the soft-focus aesthetic of Sunday-supplement bookclub sensuality, the Lover’s Guides and bottom –drawer photo books which depicted an arcadia of chateaus, swimming pools and landscapes where the drizzle has just passed, leaving clothes clinging.