Lauralee Guiney graduated from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, June 2012 and was invited as a project artist to exhibit in nag.  Specific to the nag space Lauralee devised an installation that continued her degree  ideas, related to art historical images, where film installations and photographs that deal with age, decay and death are created.  In the style of a working film set she set up a scenario recreating ' The Nightmare ' ( 1781 ) by Henry Fuseli ( 1741 - 1825 ).  The painting was first exhibited in the Royal Academy and became so popular that later versions were made.  The painting depicts a woman draped in close fitting white, vulnerably arched back over the bed with a an incubus sitting on her stomach who comfortably stares out at the viewer.  This powerful and erotic image offers to the post Freudian viewer many possible interpretations.  This is not lost in the film footage installation and is heightened by the artist being photographed and filmed by her technical crew colleagues.