Combining sculptural installation with video projections and sound, the piece 'With clarity after the fact', explores the mechanics of memory, specifically in relation to a single event - the accidental breaking of a small statue of the ‘Child of Prague’ in my grandmothers house, sometime in the early 1980’s.  Although the exact details of the event have been lost over time; the memory of the small statue, high on its shelf, and subsequently in pieces on the wooden floor, are recurring images of that place and time. 

David Folan, originally from rural Donegal, is currently based in Dublin where he works as an artist and occasionally as a freelance designer. David is a graduate of Letterfrack, where he studied Furniture design and Manufacture. Following a successful career as a furniture designer and maker, David dedicated himself full-time to art in 2005, and has exhibited in both Ireland and abroad.  His first solo exhibition took place in Dublin in May 2011.  Recently, David opened his first international solo exhibition in New York in April, 2012