About Masashi Suzuki

Masashi Suzuki was born in Wakayama in Japan and began his training in pottery in Kyoto.

After doing a ceramic glaze course in the Kyoto municipal institute of industrial technology and culture, also in Kyoto, he went on to do a BA in Ceramics at Kurashiki University of Science and The Arts. He has exhibited in Poland, Japan and Berlin, has had a solo exhibition in Dublin Castle Ireland as part of the International Academy of Ceramics and has an ongoing programme with nag in Dublin.

The art of the tea ceremony is in its process. The expertise is demonstrated with each controlled gesture. Objects used are handled and placed with precision. It takes many chawan to be thrown or raku moulded by the hands and then fired before the potter accepts the one that is felt to be right. Raku Pottery was developed in Japan in the early 1500's as the Ceremonial Tea Ware of the Zen Buddhist Masters. The word Raku signifies enjoyment of freedom. It was preferred by the Masters because of its humility, unpretentiousness, simple naturalness, and deliberate avoidance of luxury. All aspects of the Zen philosophy.