Helena Gorey lives in the small rural townland of Burnchurch in County Kilkenny, Ireland. Her home is a cottage situated in pastoral landscape close to where she grew up and with a view to a field with an almost perfect horizon line. One of her earliest memories is picking blackcurrants in this field planted by her father. The experience of growing up and living in this place and its surrounding nature has influenced much of her work, producing exhibitions such as 'The Orchard', 'Ground', 'The Blackcurrant Field' and 'Proscenium'. Even her installation 'In Memoriam' was situated in the church ruins a short walk from her home. Hers is not a desire to represent but to distill the essence of this place. Her approach is intuitive and much of her work is developed slowly over time. Her desire is to make works with a sense of depth that appear effortless. This can be difficult to achieve on first touch and a process of layering from light to dark and dark to light is developed in order to arrive home.